While I welcome you to post your opinions and thoughts, please keep this in mind:


These are my views and opinions. I am not a debater. I AM AN independent, working woman, sharing my personal opinions, views, and values.  


A firm believer in One NATION UNDER GOD, loving the neighbor, Self-employment, JUSTICE FOR ALL, and America-GOD shed his GRACE on THEE. 

I do not affiliate myself with any political party, nor do I worship any one RELIGION. I am a God-fearing woman, who believes in JESUS CHRIST.  The Father, the Son, the wholly Trinity.   


Therefore, I will not tolerate any attacking debates or comments on my website.

 I will delete any comments that I see fit to.


I am more than happy to read your comments, but I will not get into any heated or hatred driven debates.


Please be courteous and Kind.


An incredibly wise man once told, “we all have our own opinions, and that’s okay”, however, we still need to love another above those opinions. We are all individuals who have independent thoughts and views. it’s okay to share those opinions just so long and we don’t put others down for theirs. We need to live collectively yet remain independent.  With PEACE, LOVE, and JOY in our hearts. While staying faithful to ourselves and OUR GOD and COUNTRY.